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WordPress Training

Obtain Creative offers several flexible options to fit your needs. If you, your colleagues, or department are interested in starting or maintaining a WordPress based site, Obtain offers WordPress “Classes” that are broken down into three main sections. Each with customized progressions to fit you or your group’s personal needs.


The first WordPress class is focused on an introduction to the WordPress platform. This will include learning the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, how to begin your WordPress download either through a one-click system or a manual download, choosing a theme, choosing a host, and describing things like what an FTP is. Other topics may include learning the differences between free and professional themes, and learning the basic functions of the WordPress Dashboard.


The second WordPress class will be focused on learning how the WordPress dashboard works. This will include instruction on how to navigate the dashboard, understanding what plug-ins are and how to use them, exploration and functionality of widgets, the difference between Pages, Posts, and Categories; settings panel, tools panel, introduction to contact forms, and basic WordPress practices.


The third WordPress class is the most flexible session offered. It will focus on expanding on the knowledge from the previous classes, and will be custom tailored to your individual or company’s needs. We will discuss what widgets best benefit your site and how to organize them, what plug-ins are safe for your theme and how to implement them, an introduction into connecting social media to your site, basic organic SEO development, an introduction to inbound marketing through site content, and more. This class will most likely be determined by previous sessions and/or our initial consultation. This is a great option for those who simply want to expand upon their WordPress knowledge or site.


In addition to these classes, Obtain Creative offers on-going and individual training sessions. Obtain’s main focus is providing our clients with personalized training and help throughout their WordPress experience.

  • Single WordPress Training Session

  • $300*
    • Dashboard walk-through
    • Explaining: Pages, Posts, Categories
    • Understanding your menu
    • Plugins: how to use & what’s available
    • Protecting your site
    • Where is that on my site? Q&A

  • WordPress Training Package (3)

  • $800*
    • All Three Levels of Training
    • Custom Tailored to Your Site
    • 3 – 1.5 Hour Sessions
    • Booked at your convenience
    • Intro to SEO
    • Open Q&A

  • Group Training Session (up to 5 people)

  • $1200+*
    • WordPress Training
    • SEO Strategies
    • Social Strategies
    • Understanding Analytics
    • Navigating Google Products
    • How to utilize a group’s efforts

Want more?

If you want to know more about what’s included in each of these training options, give us a call or fill out our nifty contact form:

What else ya got?

If you’re interested in having our team build a WordPress site for you or just take care of your digital marketing in general, we offer an option that combines our Site Builds with a monthly SEO Strategy Package OR you can select from our A La Carte Menu. To view our Launch Plans, please click through below:

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